Give Back Program: Why we do what we do!

An open letter from the owners of Akins Collision…

Our Give Back program:  Why we do what we do!

For years now Akins Collision Centers have supported the community by writing checks when asked by various different organizations.  Then something happened.

This January business slowed down significantly.  We have had seasonal slowdowns for many years but this time is seemed slower and to last for a longer period of time.

Not wanting to lose any of our valued employees, we asked everyone to go on a rotation of reduced hours.  We hated this.  We know what a difficult time this was for our families.

During this same period many schools, teams and charitable organizations were going through the same tough times continuing to ask for help and monetary support.

How could we write another check while our employees were sacrificing so much???

How could we indeed…our Give Back program was born.

If you are in an accident bring your vehicle to Akins Collision for repairs, we handle all of the insurance paperwork and communication.  Go through the Akins Give Back program and upon completion of the repairs we send the organization, school, afterschool activity, youth sports team, etc, of your choice a check for 2% of your total repair.

Capitalizing on this opportunity to date:

We have 11 registered community organizations in our Give Back Program

We have repaired 23 vehicles through our Give Back Program

We have written 23 checks to community organizations totaling $ 1076.45

We are busy again and we hope this program continues its current momentum and at the beginning of next year we not only keep our employees on the 40 hour work week but that we give them ‘just a little bit of overtime’ and even hire new teammates.

Thank you all for your support!!!!

Ann & Bill Rupp

“Families Helping Families”

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